Hugues Panassié (2)

March 22.2016


Hugues Panassie was born in Paris.(27 February 1912 – 8 December 1974)

He was the founding president of ‘the Hot Club de France’.

In a changing world of jazz, he was an devotee of traditional jazz.

He was fond of an orthodox jazz from New Orleans.

Consequently he rejected so-called bebop as “a form of music distinct from jazz.”

Also he ranked Benny Goodman as a detestable clarinetist,because Benny Goodman was inferior to Jimmy Noone and Omer Simeon.


Mezz Mezzrow

On the other hand he liked only white musician Mezz Mezzrow.

In addition he criticized West Coast jazz as inauthentic, because most musicians were white and also sounded white.

However, he was the great producer in history of jazz.

He produced several jazz records.

The most famous recording was Panassie session.



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