Charles Delaunay(2)

March 25.2016


Photo above of Charles Delaunay and Thelonious Monk

Charles Delaunay is probably the father of discographical format.

He noticed the importance of master numbers.

He was listing each artist’s work in chronological or matrix number order.

The first United States edition of Delaunay’s book was published with the help of Commodore Record Shop.

This book became my favorite discography.

I have put this discography within reach even now.


Photo above of George Avakian

George Avakian said to JazzWax about this discography:

“Charles Delaunay’s Hot Discography and Hugues Panassie’s Le Jazz Hot, a definitive guide to jazz musicians that explained why they were great.

There was a summary at the end of each chapter telling you which records to buy. Of course, the records recommended were the European releases, but the book gave me a head start.”

JazzWax:March 15, 2010

Interview: George Avakian (Part 1)


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