Toshiko Akiyoshi(1)

March 28.2016

March 28. 2016

Last night, a special program of Toshiko Akiyoshi had been televised in Japan.

Jazz pianist, Toshiko Akiyoshi to reach the 70-year debut this year (86).

She was awarded ‘the Jazz Master’.

This title is highest award in the US jazz world.

Now also she has continued to success in NYC.

After she enterd to the U.S. at the age 26,she received the race and discrimination against women.

But she was fused elements of jazz form and Japanese style and pioneered a unique jazz.

She has continued to struggle as a pianist,as a woman, as a Japanese.

This special program offer her great hardships.

In addition she played some performance for this program.

Here is Toshiko Akiyoshi and her trio.


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