Toshiko Akiyoshi(3) Charlie Mariano dedicated his tune to sumo wrestler

March 30.2016

March 30, 2016


I want post in detail at a later date about his achievements.

But for me he had recording an impressive tune.

My guess is that Toshiko Akiyoshi quoted from his tone of as Japanese atmosphere when she produced ‘(孤軍)Kogun’ in her first orchestra recording.

The name of tune was ‘To Taiho’ which had been contained in ‘A Jazz Portrait of Charlie Mariano’.

This song was dedicated to ’Taiho(大鵬)’ who was the grand champion of sumo wrestling in Japan.

His intro sound had replicated the calling voice of sumo wrestling.

I want to express in Japanese.


Charlie Mariano (as); Marvin Stamm (tp); Jaki Byard (p); Richard Davis (b); Albert Heath (ds)

Recorded in New York City, July 25 & 26, 1963


A Jazz Portrait of Charlie Mariano


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