Memories of ‘LAMPSHA’ (洋燈舎)

April 01.2016


Today,I want to post most impressive jazz cafe in Tokyo.

A long time ago, when I took part in the initiation ceremony of company in Tokyo
I visited the jazz cafe ’LAMPSHA’(洋燈舎).

I spent in Tokyo for five days.

After work ,I visited used record store, and had gone to a famous jazz spot in every night.

Under Chuo Line near Koenji south entrance, there was the jazz cafe ’LAMPSHA’(洋燈舎).

I heard every night female vocal.

In particular, the taste of coffee was the best for me.

Since then, I have not drink a delicious coffee than this shop.

‘LAMSHA’ was closed in December 1988.

At the time, jazz-vocal lovers’ club had been held at ‘Lampsya’ regularly.

I had lived in Osaka at that time,but had heard from others that this club was a marvelous.

The club has continued to now also activities

Fortunately, I found website of jazz-vocal lovers’ club.ボーカルを楽しむ会-239145029466293/


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