The Play Boy Jazz All- Stars Records(3)

April 13.2016


Two record sets had been distinguished by the “Black” and “White”

First annual PLAYBOY JAZZ POLL was held in 1957.

The result of the vote had been sold in the black cover design.

The results of next year had been sold in the white cover design.

Below,I transcribe the preface of liner notes.

”All the cats joined in to make the first annual PlAYBOY JAZZ Poll the biggest,most successful popularity poll ever conducted in the field of jazz music.

The last of more than 20,000 ballots are in and the more than 430,000 individual votes have been counted.

The winners selected by readers, for the 1957 Playboy All-Stare Jazz Band,
are a real Who’s Who of  jazzdom.”





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