Quincy Jones(3)

April 20.2016


In the fall of 1953, Hampton’s band left for a tour of Europe .

Lionel Hampton instructed the band of his rule against making records on the sidemen.

Because musician wanted to earn extra cash and a name for themselves during their job.

Also band leader was the risk of losing his biggest stars if member’s record became hit.

Lionel Hampton had hired a security guard in their lodging.

Security guard was placed in the lobby of their Paris hotel to prevent his member from escaping.

Though Clifford Brown and Quincy Jones left their room from a rear bedroom window.

In spite of Hampton’s direction, Brown, Jones, Farmer, Gryce, trombonist Jimmy Cleveland and alto saxophonist Anthony Ortega slipped out of their hotel in Stockholm and Paris to record with local jazz musicians.

When they were not blessed with the opportunity to record in USA,
they had been leaving historical recording in Europe.




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