Quincy Jones(5)

April 25.2016


I am most fond of his “This Is How I Feel About Jazz”.

It was the 1957 debut album by Quincy Jones.

The album was originally produced by Creed Taylor and released on ABC-Paramount.

In addition, this record became first big seller on ABC-Paramount.

Quincy Jones and Creed Tailor were already close friends when Quincy recorded the album.

They were the same age and had the same musical taste.

Also they were a trumpet player and had an unspoken empathetic relationship.

Quincy Jones played as arranger and conductor of three different recording sessions.

He convened superior musicians like Art Farmer, Phil Woods, Lucky Thompson, Hank Jones, Paul Chambers, Milt Jackson.


Photo of Quincy Jones and producer Creed Taylor

I posted in reference to JazzWax.[Interview:CreedTaylor]







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