Quincy Jones(6)

April 26.2016


Quincy Jones has left a lot of masterpiece as arranger.

In particular, I will introduce the very popular works in Japan.

He joined Mercury Records and has provided the arrangement in three works in history by female vocal and Clifford Brown.



Dinah Jams (EmArcy 36000. 1954)

Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown (EmArcy 36004. 1955)

Helen Merrill (EmArcy 36006. 1955)

I quoted below interview from JazzWax[February 03, 2009].

Helen Merrill said about him:

“He lived in New York nearby with his former wife. He was an up and coming young man at the time. He didn’t have any money.

He lived in a basement apartment of a brownstone. Everyone loved him. What a wonderful mind he had and has.[…]

Quincy pulled together great songs. He always understood what he was doing.[…]

Quincy had a way of getting just the right people together.[…]

‘You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To’ continues to be a huge hit in Japan.”




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