Billie Holiday’s last presentation [April 26]

April 27.2016


In 1959 from April 20th to 26th, Billie was her last presentation in the Boston Storyville Club.

Billie Holiday(vo), Mal Waldron (p), Champ Jones (b), Roy Haynes (ds)


Roy Haynes was in charge of the drum in her last performance.

Today I want to post his comments impressive.

He said:”We were playing there for a week. She was cool. I remember the club was crowded every night. A lot of my friends came in.

My wife was there for the whole weekend. She wanted to tape it, but I said, “No, Billie isn’t going to allow that.” Looking back, Billie probably wouldn’t have been aware of it. All in all, it was a beautiful week.”

The above quoted from JazzWax.[July 07, 2008]

From the next day I want to post a summary of his interview.



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