Roy Haynes(2)

April 29.2016

Roy Haynes went on to play drums for the likes of Lester Young (1947-49), Bud Powell and Miles Davis (1949), and Charlie Parker (1949-53).

JazzWax introduce a good example record in order to understand his exquisite touch at drumming


A perfect illustration is Sonny Rollins’ The Sound of Sonny.

Focus only on what Roy is doing with his sticks and brushes throughout.

Possibly Sonny was playing with a tap dancer rather than a drummer.

Jazz Musicians Play At Open Door

He said about ‘Bird’:
”Bird was unusual, that his approach was completely different than anything else you had    heard. And that sound, it was so confident. ”

He said the big difference between Roy and Max Roach behind Bird:

”I had and have a different type of cymbal beat, for one thing. Max’s cymbal beat was more on the one: dah-dah dom, dah-dah dom, dah-dah dom. Mine is more dom dah-dah, dom dah-dah, dom dah-dah. That’s as far as I’ll go with that.”


Roy and Miles had the same hobby.Their hobby was fast automobiles and sharp clothes.

In the summer of 1950,they both bought convertible automobiles the exact same week.

Roy had a 1950 Oldsmobile 98.Miles had a Dodge convertible, which called the Blue Devil.

Roy said about encounter with his wife as follows:

”In fact, I met my wife when I was working with Miles in Brooklyn. It was Miles’ gig, and she had come to see him. The ladies loved Miles. I had some fans, too, but I wasn’t nearly as popular as Miles. He had just left Charlie Parker then and I had just left Lester Young. We were the coolest of the cool.”


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