Lorenz Hart(1) 〜 Today is his birthday

May 02.2016


Photo above of Lorenz Hart

Trailer of the latest work of Woody Allen has been published in Japan.

About Woody Allen,I posted his work ‘Manhattan’.


In particular, this movie’s title song is very famous.

Today I want to post about the lyricist of this song.

The music was written by Richard Rodgers and the words by Lorenz Hart.

He was born May 2, 1895, died November 22, 1943.


Lorenz Hart (right) with Richard Rodgers in 1936

At Columbia University he and Richard Rodgers began to write songs for a series of amateur and student productions.

Rodgers and Hart subsequently wrote the music and lyrics for 26 Broadway musicals during a more than 20 year partnership.

Next time, I want to post about my favorite songs.




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