Billy Taylor(1)

May 10.2016


Recently, I’m reading a book on jazz, which was written in English.

I have to study hard for my poor English.

Fortunately I found a good writer about jazz history.

The writer’s name is Billy Taylor.

This week I will post about his achievement.

He was born July 24, 1921,died December 28, 2010.

Since 1944, he got his start with Ben Webster’s Quartet on New York’s famed 52nd Street.

He then served as the house pianist at Birdland, the legendary jazz club where he performed with such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis.

Billy Taylor was the most influential jazz musicians of the twentieth century.

Also he had received his Masters and Doctorate in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts.

He was called ‘Dr. Taylor’.

He was on the Honorary Founders Board of The Jazz Foundation of America from 1989.


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