Billy Taylor(3)


I quoted precious interview from JazzWax.[April 7〜8, 2009]

By 1943 he arrived in New York.

He went to Minton’s, where was in Harlem on 118th Street.


One night he sat around all night, from 9 pm to 2:45 am.

When he got his play on the last set,Ben Webster was standing right in front of him.

Ben was pleased with his piano,and he was told to come to Three Deuces.

After several months he left Ben’ group,and played with violinist and bandleader Eddie South.

In the fall of 1945 he played with legendary drummer Big Sid Catlett.


In 1946 he joined Don Redman’s band and toured Europe.

This tour was one of the earliest tours after the war.

Don Byas decided to settle permanently in Europe by this tour.


Returning from Europe in 1947, he became Art Tatum’s protege.

About remembering Art’s personal life,

he said:”Art was an interesting guy.He loved jazz and classical music.

He listened to a lot of different things.

There was aradio program on at 10 in the morning that featured great classical pianists.

I’d bring him home to the hotel in midtown where he stayed after he played all night.

Nightclubs closed at 4 am then. By the time we went somewhere to catch a bite or hit an after hours club, it was 8 am.

I’d bring him up to his room, and he always wanted to listen to this radio program of solo classical pianists like [Vladimir] Horowitz.”


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