Billy Taylor(4)

May 14.2016


I quoted precious interview from JazzWax.[April 9, 2009]

In August 1950, he played at a famous Apollo Theater concert with Stan Getz and Charlie Parker.

It was the first time Bird played a live concert with strings.


Monte Kay who was Birdland’s manager heard his performance at Apollo Theater.

Then Monte Kay hired him as house pianist.



In 1951 he played in a group at Birdland that included Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane.

About John Coltrane he said:

”Coltrane was quiet. One of the things he talked to me about was Art Tatum. He wanted to know everything about him. He was very excited about Art’s technique. “How does he do that,” Trane said. “It sounds like a glissando.””


In September 1951, he played with Miles Davis.

About Miles Davis he said:

”Miles was strange. I had met him on 52nd St. when he was playing with Bird. He was scuffling with those charts, replacing Diz and stuff like that. It must have been driving him crazy. He really didn’t have the chops for that. He was a nice young man but he was really turned around because he was frustrated. He couldn’t keep up.”


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