Art Blakey’s ‘Ugetsu(雨月)’

May 24.2016


Photo above of Martin Scorsese

Now In the 69th Cannes International Film Festival has been held.

The prize work of Kenji Mizoguch has been exhibited in the classic department.

“Tales of Moonlight and Rain(雨月物語)” was restored to 4K digital by Martin Scorsese.


Today, I post about Art Blakey’s ‘Ugetsu(雨月)’.

This record was a live jazz album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers released on

Riverside Records in October 1963.

The Jazz Messengers’ tour in Japan had ended a few months before this live performance.

Then Art Blakey decided to play two tracks “Ugetsu” and “On the Ginza” as a homage to Japan.

Why he took up ’Ugetsu’

I guess that he watched “Tales of Moonlight and Rain”.

He felt Japan’s hallucination and daydream by screen image.

Probably he wanted to play the Japanese thema(even only title).

Fortunately at that time he was knowing “Fantasy In D”,which was written by Cedar Walton.

He changed the song title.

Art Blakey said the title before their playing: “Japanese Fantasy” .

Why he became a pro-Japanese person?

Tomorrow I want post about his unknown story.