Art Blakey in Japan

When Art Blakey first visited to Japan,he was asked a commemorative photo from enthusiast.

He said “l am African American. Do you want to take a picture with me?”

The man was fit to willingly photo with him.

In those days or even nowdays Japanese jazz enthusiast respect African American.

They were told their live performance will be broadcast on radio station in Tokyo.

He and his members were greatly rouse.

Before returning home, He said:

“I’ve been traveling all world until now, In Japan I felt most deep impression in my mind.

They were listening to the eager to our performance.

Japanese jazz enthusiasts best for me.

Except African,they had been welcomed us as human beings.

After that, he repeated Japan tour until his verge of death.

He loved Japanese sake.


He married to a Japanese woman and named “Taro” to his son.

He played drum battle with Japanese drummer Hideo Shiraki.


About Hideo Shiraki,please refer to my past blog.


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