Toshiyuki Miyama passed away

In 1921, Toshiyuki Miyama was born in Japan.

He joined the Japanese Naval Military Band in 1939 and played upon deck of many Japanese warships such as Hyuga, Yamashiro, Nagato, or Yamato.


After the World War, he showed his ability as an alt-saxophone player and formed a jazz band ‘Jive Aces’ in 1950.

They performed and were approved in US Camp.

In 1958 he changed his band’s name to ‘Toshiyuki Miyama & His New Herd’.

They were a back band on a dance floor in 1950s.

Fortunately legend arranger Kozaburo Yamaki provided superb arrangements.

Also Toshiyuki Miyama had found a young genious musician such as Masahiko Satoh.


In 1969, ‘Perspective’ was released featuring Masahiko Satoh.

They had reached the peak of their popularity in Japanese ‘Big Band’ Jazz world.

Toshiyuki Miyama  passed away. He was 94-years.


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