Toshiyuki Miyama 〜 Monterey Jazz Festival(1974)


Toshiyuki Miyama and New Herd appeared in 17th Monterey Jazz Festival.

They achieved the overwhelming success.

Their performance had been communicated to US by Leonard Feather.

I will summarize his report below.

’’Friday night Toshiyuki Miyama and New Herd appeared in Monterey.

Foreign big band played a leading role in US major jazz festival.

Until now jazz critics said:”Japanese jazz band imitate real jazz in US”

But they would have comprehended that their recognition was an mistake.


To final song,they played Pithecanthropus Erectus ,Mingus work arranged by Norio Maeda.

Many audiences were still sitting in a chair as they were almost nailed.

They stood up in unison and then were standing operation.’’

[Leonard Feather:Mon Sept 23, 1974 Los Angels Times]
Dizzy Gillespie with the Cal Tjader Quintet and Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd: Manteca


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