Art Blakey live at Iwakuni


May 27 President Barack Obama visited Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni after the Ise-Shima Group of Seven Summit meeting.

The following is a story of an an enthusiastic jazz fan in Iwakuni.

This week, I posted about Art Blakey.

When an enthusiastic jazz fan plan Art Blakey’s  concert, Art played even a small town in Japan with pleasure.

In 1983 his concert was held in Iwakuni.

The organizer of this concert was the jazz club’s owner.

Also the owner played drum in his club.

Members of his band was almost rookie.

All members neatly had dressed himself in the suit.

The front line was 3 people.


Bill Pierce (ts),Donald Harrison (as),Terence Blanchard (tp)

They were playing with a tense atmosphere.

After they blew a solo they bowed low to their leader.

Their performance was an original style to interpret traditional repertoire.

Unfortunately the concert was a big deficit.

However, the organizer were satisfied with producing Art Blakey’s concert in Iwakuni.

The organizer had been no regret.



Currently, this organizer has run a jazz club in Hiroshima.

Please look at his Facebook. Go here

I posted about a jazz club’s owner with reference to my old freind’s blog.Go here


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