Dave McKenna private recording collection


Today is Dave McKenna’s birthday.

Since 1979, he took part in Concord Records.

I saw his performance in Japan tour a long time ago.

My first impression of him was visible to the professional wrestler.

But unlike his appearance his performance was solid.

Dave’s characteristic was great left hand.

He recorded with many musicians and played live festivals as a house pianist.

He has participated in 40 or more sheets of album in Concord Records.

Also he recorded More than 10 sheets at solo piano.

Recently I found a great website about Dave McKenna.Go here

I am surprised his private recording collection of Scott MacKenzie.

Scott followed Dave around the country for the last ten years of Dave’s career.

Scott made 300 private cassette collection.

Unfortunately Scott MacKenzie passed away on Sep.7 2015.

We can listen every collection at no charge.Go here



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