(1)Med Flory


When I started listening to jazz, Supersax held concert in Japan.

At that time, I was surprised at their superb reed ensemble.

Recently, I’ve read Med Flory’s interview by JazzWax.

This week, I want post about Med Flory who was leader of Supersax.

He was born August 27, 1926 in Logansport, Indiana.

He began to play clarinet when he was 9 years old.

In 1950 he graduated Indiana University in Bloomington.

Also he had a band at the time and was writing charts.

In January 1952, he obtained his union card in New York.

He was in New York freelancing from January 1952 to Christmas of 1955.


Photo above: Med, his wife Joan, Henry Fonda and Joe Maini


He married with Joanie who was a jazz singer.

In 1955 he and his wife joined Ray Anthony’s band.

Then they moved to California in 1956.

There was so much work in LA. back then.

Ray Anthony Show was televised for 30 weeks.


Supersax Japanese Tour ‘Salt Peanuts’



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