(2)Med Flory


After moving to Los Angeles Med Flory began to work in the TV and movie studios in Hollywood.

He also continued to work as freelance player in small groups.



In 1960, he started a new career as an actor. Then he worked on TV and Western movie for 30 years .

He appeared ‘Wagon Train’ ‘The Rifleman’ ‘Route 66”Lassie’ and others.

In 1972 he and Buddy Clark organized sax ensemble group.

They had two alto saxes, two tenors and a baritone accompanied by piano, bass and drums.

The band transcribed and harmonized solos from the recordings of Charlie Parker.

In 1974 Supersax won Grammy Award for best jazz performance.

About his detailed career,please refer to his obituary.

Finally, I want to introduce their superb performance.




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