Two saxphone of Lester Young’s

June 06.2016

 Prez's Conn-thumb-200x238-7221
Today I post about Lester Young’s tenor saxophone.

His main horn was the Conn.

The Conn is enshrined in the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.Go here

He was also owned another company’s instrument.

In 1950s he was offered an instrument from Dolnet company.

Unfortunately Young’s Dolnet tenor sax fared less well.

Then the horn went to his younger brother Lee Young who was successful in Los Angeles as a drummer studio musician and music director for Nat King Cole.

Lee Young-thumb-150x205-7223

The below I quoted JazzWax’s interview with Dave Pell.Go here

”Lee Young left the Dolnet to Dave Pell.

Lee said Dave:’“I have Lester’s Dolnet horn, and you should have it when I die.”


“I don’t want them to sell it or put it in a museum.”

When Lee died in July 2008,Lee’s son got back the Dolnet from Dave.”

Fainally the location of the Dolnet is unknown since then.


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