Akira Miyazawa

Yesterday I posted about Lester’s tenor saxophone.
Today I post about Miyazawa’s saxophone in Japan.
His saxophone is exhibited in ‘OSAMU UCHIDA JAZZ COLLECTION’ in Okazaki City,Aichi Prefecture,in Japan.Go here
He played clarinet in the Army Toyama School military band.
After discharge from the army,he began to play tenor  and played in the clubs of the US military Demobilization.
In 1953 August, Tsuyoshi Ueda(b) organized legend Quartet ‘The Four Sounds’ with Shotaro Moriyasu(p),Akira Miyazawa(ts), Shoji Hiraoka(ds) .
In those days Hampton Hawes had been visited Japan as a member of the military band.
Hampton had played with Japanese musicians.
When Hampton was listening to the performance of ‘The Four Sounds’,
Hampton said:”There is terrific jazz band in Japan”.
Dr.Uchida said:”Moriyasu and Miyazawa were beginning to form their own style,
and their perfomance was tremendous’’.
The following video is Osamu Uchida recording room.



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