Eric Dolphy(1)


Eric Dolphy was born in Los Angeles on 20 June 1928.

This week I want to post about his early activities.

When he was a student at Foshay junior High he was playing in the Los Angeles City School Orchestra.

After graduating from Dorsey High, Eric attended Lo Angeles City College as a music major.


Then Eric joined the Roy Porter big band, legendary proving-ground for budding jazz musicians.

In those days the Roy Porter big band had many talented jazz musicians.

Members are as follows:Art and Addison Farmer, Chet Baker, Jimmy Knepper, Joe Maini, Herb Geller, Teddy Edwards, Hadley Caliman, Bob Gordon and Russ Freeman.

Eric played lead alto during his tenure.

He recorded his first performance with the band.

Savoy SJL 2215 ‘Black California’ Go here

Band leader’s Roy Porter said about Eric Dolphy:

”Well, frankly speaking,
Eric was studying music at LA City College. He was very young. Because he could read so well, Eric playing first alto, and was good, but he was really a section man at the time.
[…] So I had no idea he would go to New York and become a legend. I’m glad he did.”




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