Maybeck Recital Hall series of Concord Records(2)

Maybeck Recital Hall is located inside the Kennedy-Nixon House in Berkeley, California.

This hall was built in 1914 by the distinguished architect Bernard Maybeck.

In 1923, the hall was destroyed by fire, but was quickly rebuilt by Maybeck.

The hall’s seats are 60.There are two grand pianos: Japanese Yamaha ‘S-400’ and ‘ C-7’.

From 1989 to 1995, Concord records produced and recorded the previously mentioned 42 solo piano, Maybeck Recital Hall performances.

In addition, Concord also released CDs of 10 jazz duets that were performed at Maybeck during this same period.

Since 1996, the recital hall is no longer open for public concerts.

Today I will introduce the first work at Maybeck Recital Hall.


Volume 1 – Joanne Brackeen [CCD-4409]

1. Thou Swell (4:55)
2. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (5:45)
3. Dr. Chu Chow (6:03)
4. Yesterdays (5:45)
5. Curved Space (7:06)
6. It Could Happen to You (4:47)
7. African Aztec (7:26)
8. My Foolish Heart (7:31)
9. Calling Carl (4:13)
10. I’m Old Fashioned (5:11)
11. Strike Up the Band (4:32)

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