George Avakian(2)

Today I want to post about two person who influenced George Avakian.

The first person was Lester Koenig.


Contemporary Records was founded by Lester Koenig in 1951 in Los Angeles.

Also Good Time Jazz Records was founded in 1949 by Lester Koenig.

I quoted Lester’s speaking from JazzWax[March 15,2010]

Lester said, “If you studied French at Horace Mann, then you must know enough to do this: Send an $8 money order to La Volta Music at 75 Boulevard Raspail in Paris and request two books.”

About two books,please refer to my past blog.Go here

The second person was Marshall Stearns.


George Avakian was enrolled in Yale.

Coincidentally, Marshall Stearns was studying literature at Yale.

Marshall Stearns invited him to come over to listen to jazz records every Friday.

Marshall Stearns was the founder of the Institute of Jazz Studies.


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