George Avakian(3)

Marshall Stearns was writing his “Collector’s Corner” columns for Tempomagazine.

Then George Avakian took “Collector’s Corner” over from Marshall.

When he took on the column, he was just a sophomore.


Mr.Wallerstein found his talent and entrusted Columbia’s reissue series.

Ted Wallerstein was president of Columbia Records.

George Avakian produced four albums at a time and some singles for special releases.

Then he graduated from Yale in 1941 and was drafted into the Army.

He was discharged in February 1946.

Billy Berg photobook souvenir cover sean j oconnell-thumb-580x480-85588

Billy Berg’s souvenir photo from 1946. | Courtesy of the Quincy Inara Collection

He went to Los Angeles, and heard Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker at Billy Berg’s club.

He had heard already their performance at Minton’s in Harlem.

At the club, there were never more than 12 people in the audience.

Yet Parker and Gillespie played with enormous fervor.

Then he had returned to New York.

He was reunited with Mr.Wallerstein and joined to officially Columbia Records.


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