The German MPS label(5)


In the last post of this week, I want to introduce to The Singers Unlimited.

The Singers Unlimited were a four-part jazz vocal group formed in 1971.

The leader Gene Puerling was the vocal arranger as well as a singer with The Hi-Lo’s.

Members of the group included Len Dresslar,Bonnie Herman, Don Shelton.

Incidéntally female vocal Bonnie Herman was the daughter of Jules Herman who was a trumpet player in the Lawrence Welk orchestra.

Also she was the niece of big band leader Woody Herman.

They gained a contract with MPS by the recommendation of Oscar Peterson.

Probably Oscar Peterson guessed that a high-quality sound-aesthetic of MPS would be complied perfectly with The Singers Unlimited.

The human voice by The Singers Unlimited recorded many vocal tracks.

Then Gene Puerling began experimenting with the new technology of multi-track recording, and the Singers expanded their four voices into eight, twelve, sixteen, and later into practically a hundred or more!.

The Singers Unlimited produced around 15 LP’s in the period between 1971 and 1981.



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