Paul Chambers(2)

Paul Chambers was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1935.

Then he grew up in Detroit.

In 1952 he began taking lessons with a bassist in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

He came to New York from Detroit in 1954.

He quickly became a frequent presence among the young lions of hard-bop.

From 1954 on through 1955, he played with J. J. Johnson and Kai Winding and others.


In the summer of 1955 Jackie McLean introduced Paul Chambers to Miles Davis.

As a matter of course he joined the Miles Davis quintet in 1955.

In 1956, the Miles Davis Quintet was touring on the West Coast.

Miles was growing increasingly angry at Chambers’ self-destructive drug and alcohol consumption.

So Chambers was beaten to Miles.

I quoted from JazzWax [April 21,2010]


According to Davis’ autobiography,

“When it came to running bar tabs, Paul Chambers was the worst.

I’d give him his money and then I would bring up his bar tab,and he wouldn’t want to pay.

One time I had to hit him in the mouth, he made me so mad. Paul was a real nice guy,

but he was just immature.”


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