Don Schlitten(3)

Today I post about Cobblestone label and Muse Records.

Both labels were founded in New York City by Joe Fields in 1972.

Joe Fields worked as an executive for Prestige Records in the 1960s.

Joe Fields set up the Cobblestone label with the help of Don Schlitten.


Don Schlitten produced a couple of Sonny Stitt’s finest sessions, ‘Tune Up’ and’ Constellation’.

In addition he produced six live records at the 1972 Newport Jazz Festival.Go here


Never Again, James Moody, 1972, Muse 5001

Also Muse Records released over 500 LPs between the founding of the company.Go here

In 1978 Fields and Don Schlitten ended their professional relationship.

Because Don Schlitten founded the Xanadu label.

Here is my favorite piece ‘Just Friends’




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