Don Schlitten (4)


Don Schlitten founded Xanadu Records in 1975.

Xanadu recorded more than 100 releases.

The label’s “Gold Series” focused on reissuing classic bebop works that included historic performances.

Don Schlitten purchased the recording of minor labels and individual recordings.

He was newly reissued many historic performances such as Bud Powell, Coleman Hawkins, Earl Hines, Roy Eldridge, Jack Teagarden, Art Tatum and many more.


The label’s “Silver Series” focused on new recordings by such as Barry Harris, Al Cohn, Jimmy Raney, Dolo Coker, Charles McPherson and others.

Last year Elemental Music has begun to reissue more than two dozen of the  Silver Series as ‘Xanadu Master Edition Series’. GO here


Left to Right: Zev Feldman, Don Schlitten, Jordi Soley

Here is ” Barry Harris Plays Tadd Dameron”
Recorded:June 4, 1975 



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