Aurex Jazz Festival in Japan(2)

The concert program was terrific in those days.

A luxurious four bands had been organized by George Wein.





The leader Benny Goodman :”King of Swing”

The leader Benny Carter: “Gentlemen of Swing”

The leader Dizzy Gillespie:”Battle of The Horns”

The leader Freddie Hubbard:”Jazz of The 80’s”


Benny Carter 84

Incidentally George Benson Group was scheduled to visit Japan.

However, he was not able to visit Japan.

So ‘Gentlemen Of swing’ had been organized by Benny Carter.

Expo’70 Commemorative Park, Osaka, Sep.6, 1980.
Benny Goodman(cl), Teddy Wilson(p), Tony Terran(tp), Dick Nash(tb), Eddie Duran(g), Al Obidinski(b), John Markham(ds)

Aurex Jazz Fest ’80, Yokohama Stadium, Japan, Sept. 7, 1980
Freddie Hubbard (tp),Joe Henderson (ts),George Duke (keyboards),Alphonso Johnson (b)
Peter Erskine (ds)

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