The early Swedish Jazz(2)



First time Swedish jazz draw public attention abroad was at the jazz festival in Paris in 1949.

Also Miles Davis took part in this event.Go here

Arne Domnérus and Putte Wickman among others made great success in several concerts.




Leonard Feather had radio program in USA in those days.

He introduced Swedish jazz records in his program “Jazz at its best”.

In spring 1950 Down Beat wrote about Arne Domnerus recordingof Body and Soul:

“He has a wonderful pleasant,[…] they can murder most American musicians”.

Also the Metronome jazz magazine had a large and enthusiastic feature on Swedish jazz.

US record companies were interested to issue the new jazz from Sweden.


Reinhold Svensson’s recordings for Metronome Records was issued first 10 LPs from Prestige.

Furthermore,fine recordings by Lars Gullin, Arne Domnerus and Bengt Hallberg followed.

Next day I will post about American musician concert tour in Sweden.




This is Dexter Gordon/Lars Gullin/Sahib Shihab Live in Copenhagen


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