The early Swedish Jazz(3)


Stan Getz played a folk song in Stockholm in 1951.

This song was named ‘Dear Old Stockholm’ and became modern jazz masterpiece.

Although departing from the main theme I want to mention about his bad habit.

When he visited in Sweden, he received a hero’s welcome.

There was no heroin anywhere for him.

Young Swedish players did not know about the prevalence of narcotics on the American jazz scene.

So he hoped to be clean like them.

I guess he decided to quit a narcotics in Sweden.

I summarized from his biography.Go here


When Lionel Hampton’s band had toured Europe in 1953,Clifford Brown and Quincy Jones

and other members recorded with Arne Domnerus and Lars Gullin and Bent Hallberg.

Please refer to my previous post.Go here

Here is ’The Sound’ .


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