The early Swedish Jazz(4)

On to talk about the early Swedish Jazz,I must post Stan Hasselgard’s achievement.

Stan Hasselgard was an Swedish clarinetist who was the first musicians to play bop on the clarinet.

At 19 years old,he joined a small group called the Royal Swingers in Sweden.

Åke “Stan” Hasselgard was born October 4, 1922.epCapitol

He visited US in 1947 for studying a Bachelor of Arts.

But he wanted to hear Benny Goodman live performance.

Stan Hasselgard left New York in late August for California

Then he recorded four tracks in December 1947 for the Capitol Records with Red Norvo, Arnold Ross and Barney Kessel.


In spring of 1948, Benny Goodman repeatedly invited Stan Hasselgard to his home in Los Angeles.

Then they began to play together informally.

So he joined Benny Goodman’s septet, alongside Wardell Gray, Mary Lou Williams and others.

He recorded last recordings in 18 November,1948.

A few days after this session,early in the November 23,he was killed in a car accident on his way to California.

Here is Benny Goodman Septett
Benny Goodman(cl), Stan Hasselgard(cl), Teddy Wilson(p), Wardell Gray(ts),
Billy Bauer(g), Arnold Fishkind(b), Mel Zelnick(ds)   Nov 18, 1948 




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