The early Swedish Jazz(5)


Today I want to post about my most favorite Swedish musician.

Swedish musicians were touring around the Europe in 1950s.

In 1954 Lars Gullin made great success in the audience.

Lars Gullin was born 4 May, 1928.

He first began playing the accordion as a young boy.

In 1947 he also learned to play the piano and clarinet.

He joined the Seymour Österwall’s band for playing alto saxophone.

At that time he was offered the position of baritonesax in the group.

As a matter of course when he started playing baritonesax , he was obviously influenced by Gerry Mulligan.


Photo above: The Miles Davis Nonet

In 1949 he discovered two 78-records of the Miles Davis Nonet.

He was very impressed with Mulligan’s soft playing and laid back style.

Then his tone became richness and depth, warmth, light and shadow, like a cello.

He was noted in the American favorite polls.

Also he was the Down Beat Poll Winner of New Star for baritonesax.

On May 17, 1976, he died of a heart attack at 48 years old.

He left a legacy of more than 120 compositions and 450 recorded melodies.

In addition he left hundreds of hours of fabulous private and radio/TV recordings.

Here is Lars Gullin’s “DANNY’S DREAM”  in 1954.

Here is Lars Gullin’s All-Stars playing “Stella By Starlight” in 1962.

Here is Lars Gullin’s All-Stars playing “Milestones” in 1962.






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