The early Swedish Jazz(6)


Lastly about Swedish Jazz, I will introduce two records.

First, ‘We’ll Be Together Again’ by Rolf Billberg.

Rolf Billberg was born 22 August 1930.

From 1954〜1955 he worked with Lars Gullin and made some recordings.

Unfortunately he became seriously ill and died on 17 August 1966.

He had been referred to as the Swedish Lee Konitz.

He picked up Lee Konitz tune “Palo Alto” and “Sound-Lee”.

Also he played ballad number ‘Darn That Dream’.


Second,’’Sax Appeal’’ by Nils Lindberg.

About his achievment ,please refer to his official site.Go here

I’ve posted this album in the past.

Please refer to my past blog.Go here

Here is Rolf Billberg and Nils Lindberg in Stockholm 1962


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