Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(1)


This week I want to post about Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil.

In 2015 19 November, Sadao Watanabe was awarded the Order of Rio Branco, the knighthood.

The Order of Rio Branco is created in 1963 to formally recognize Brazilian and foreign

individuals who have significantly contributed to the promotion of Brazil’s international relations.

The Embassy suggested to Sadao Watanabe as the most important commendation.

Sadao Watanabe have contributed to the dissemination of music and Brazilian culture in Japan.



He released his album with interpretations of Bossa Nova in 1967.

Then he had done collaborations with big names in Brazilian music, such as Elis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Toquinho and Olodum.

Also the singer Lisa Ono was honored with the same award in 2013.

About Lisa Ono,I will post at a later date.

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Lisa Ono.







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