Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(2)


In 1962, Sadao Watanabe was studying in the Boston City of Berklee College of Music.

While in school, he played with Chico Hamilton, Gary McFarland, Gabor Szabo and others.

He learned of the charm of the bossa nova through Gary McFarland.


Photo above of Gary McFarland

I found an interesting article about Gary McFarland.Go here

In 1965 he returned to Japan.

Then he played with many domestic and foreign musicians.

While working as a leader of the Japanese jazz world, he contributed much to the diffusion of bossa nova.

IN those days Toshiro Ono had been running restaurant in Sao Paulo.

Mr.Ono was Lisa’s father, and she was still four years old.

When Sadao Watanabe participated in the Newport Jazz Festival in 1968,he visited first in Brasil.

At that time Mr. Ono proposed to return home via the Sao Paulo.

During his stay, he had session with many local musicians as every night in Ono’s restaurant.

He was completely hooked on Brazilian music.

Here is Sadao Watanabe  “SAMBA DE ORFEU”



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