Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(4)


I will introduce my favorite pianist ’’Kunihiko Sugano’’.

Kunihiko Sugano was born October 13, 1936 in Tokyo.


Kunihiko was recognized his talent by Tony Scott.

Around that time Tony was to stay in Japan for five years from 1959.

Tony was playing with Kunihiko Sugano and Isao Suzuki and George Otsuka.

[Photo above, from left, Kunihiro Sugano,Hidehiko Matsumoto,Isao Suzuki,George Otsuka]

[Photo above, from left, Kunihiko Sugano,Hidehiko Matsumoto,Isao Suzuki,George Otsuka]

Then Kunihiko Sugano was a member of legendary Hidehiko Matsumoto’s Quartet.

In those days their band was the pinnacle in Japan.

So he decided to end his performance temporarily.


Kunihiko Sugano recorded ‘Opa Brazil’ in 1978.

He resided in Brazil for three years.

After returning home his rhythm became a cheerful.

Needless to say his timbre of piano is best in the world.


In addition he has developed a new type of piano.

The piano was named future keyboard(未来 鍵盤).

All white keys and black keys are arranged same size on piano.Go here

He has held regular concerts at this piano in ‘Shimoda View Hotel’.

Please refer to his website.Go here

Here is Kunihiko Sugano trio July 18, 1976.



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