Teddy Reig(1)


Recently I found an interesting book,which was written about Teddy Reig.

“Reminiscing in Tempo [The Life and Times of a Jazz Hustler]” by Teddy Reig and Edward Berger

This week I want to post about Teddy Reig who was a legend producer and A&R man.

He was born November 23, 1918 〜 died September 29, 1984.

He produced remarkable achievements from the 1940s through the 1970s.

He produced for Savoy, Roost (which he co-founded in 1950), Roulette, and Verve.

Also he had associated many jazz legends.

Today I post about the historical recording in Savoy Records.


In November 1945, he produced Charlie Parker’s legendary first recording as a leader.

There have been a famous mystery in this historical recording.

Who was playing trumpet on ‘Ko-ko’ ?

I quoted “Documents from the Savoy files and the recollections of Teddy Rig”

This session was recorded November 26, 1945, at the WOR studios in New York.
Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curly Russell, Max Roach were booked for the date.
 Bud Powell had gone to Philadelphia, so Dizzy proposed himself to Reig as the piano player.
 Parker also contacted pianist Argonne Thornton (Sadik Hakim).
 Teddy Reig said: “Dizzy plays trumpet on the opening and then goes to the piano and
we put in the drum solo so Dizzy would have a chance to get back for the ending”.

What do you think about his speaking?

About this recording,please refer to JazzWax article.Go here

Here is Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie – KoKo



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