Teddy Reig(5)


Photo:Edward Berger

Today I post about the book ‘Reminiscing in Tempo’ and the author Edward Berger.

The book was based on reminiscences recorded by Edger Berger in the final years of Reig’s life.

Edward Berger is Assistant Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies of Rutgers University and co-editor of Scarecrow’s Studies in Jazz Series.

He recently retired after three decades at the Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS) to pursue freelance writing and photography.

His photographs have appeared in many periodicals as well as on recordings by such artists as Benny Carter, Phil Woods, Frank Wess, Quincy Jones, and Ray Bryant. 

The following is his three works as author.

Benny Carter : A Life in American Music 

Here is Johnny Smith – Johnny Smith’s Kaleidoscope(Full Album).

Here is Count Basie plays Neal Hefti – Cute.



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