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The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(4)


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt

Martha Glaser was also a pioneer in the concept of musical artists owning the copyrights.

So she maintained her tireless effort to keep Erroll’s  right.

In 1970 Clint Eastwood produced “Play Misty for Me”.


The title of film was derived from the Garner’s “Misty.”

“Misty” plays a key role in the plot of the movie.

She argued for all rights that are associated with “Misty”.

Ms.Glaser and Erroll Garner were involved in a long struggle with Clint Eastwood.

“Misty” plays a key role in the plot of the movie.

Consequently Clint Eastwood and Universal paid $25,000 to use the song in the film.


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt


Martha Glaser passed away December 3, 2014.

Again please refer to “Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt” about her accomplishment .

This is Erroll Garner plays ”Misty”.

The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(3)


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt

Errol Garner left behind many hours of unreleased recordings when he died on Jan. 2, 1977.

Today I post about a new three-CD”The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

There was no plan to record the concert officially.

He was playing at the Sunset School in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif,in 1955.

When the concert began, Will Thornbury began to start on his mono reel-to-reel tape recorder.

In fact, he was a recording engineer for the Armed Forces Radio Network at that time.

Martha Glaser spotted the recorder’s reels turning backstage.

She grabbed the reels and insisted on taking possession of the recording tape.

Then the concert performance was released on 12-inch LP at Columbia Records in 1956.

However 11 songs in convenience of 12-inch LP was not released.

Martha Glaser was executor of the pianist’s estate.

When Glaser died two years ago, her niece, Susan Rosenberg, inherited the archive.

Susan Rosenberg donated the archive to University of Pittsburg.Go here

Photo by

Photo by

Pitt Jazz Studies Director at University of Pittsburgh is Geri Allen.

By Geri Allen’s efforts, “The Complete Concert by the Sea” was released including 11 previously unissued.

Geri Allen talks about the production of “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Go here(Please click on the album)



The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(2)


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt

At that time Martha Glaser noticed that Jazz and civil rights advocacy was her reason for living.

Then she met pianist Erroll Garner.

Ms.Glaser was one of Garner’s biggest fans,and she had her innate business acumen.

She signed an exclusive contract with Erroll Garner in 1950.

Also she adopted the responsibility of managing not only served support for his personal life until his death.

She consistently strove to boost Garner’s confidence, even at the height of his success.

Please refer to Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt. Go here

Here is Erroll Garner Plays “Fly Me to the Moon”.

The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(1)



I was interested in two unreleased recordings that have been recently excavated.

First,Erroll Garner : “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Second,Bill Evans :  “Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest”.

This week I want to post about Martha Glaser who was the manager of Erroll Garner.


Photo above, Martha Glaser and Erroll Garner in 1960

Recently, I found her terrific footprints in the archive of Pittsburgh University.Go here

I have referred to some documents in archive.

She was born February 15, 1921 in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

After graduating from high School in Detroit,she became a citizen activist in Chicago.

Photo of Norman Granz

Photo of Norman Granz

In those days she met Norman Granz who was an advocate for the civil rights movement.

So she organized Jazz concerts working first as part of the civil rights movement.

In 1948 she created her own music management company and settled permanently in New York City.

This is Erroll Garner Plays “Laura”.

Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(5)

This week, I found many amazing photos and clips about legendary director Claude Lelouch.

At last I will introduce a few works of Francis Lai that were not produced with Claude Lelouch.

The following is my favorite tune.

This is “Du Soleil Plein Les Yeux”(さらば夏の日)

This is old trailer in Japan “La Lecon Particuliere”(個人教授)

Nathalie Delon (ナタリー・ドロン),Renaud Verley (ルノー・ベルレー)

The insert song by “Nicole Croisille” (ニコル・クロワジーユ)

This is Love Story Theme from soundtrack(ある愛の詩)

This is HD Remastered Trailer of “La Valse Du Marriage”(雨の訪問者のワルツ)

Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(4)



I will post my most favorite movie thema song.

“13 Jours en France” was the best music in past documentary film.

This film was a big hit only in Japan.


I guess the following winter Olympic venue was at Sapporo in Japan.

In addition leading role of this tournament was two people,Peggy Fleming and skier Jean-Claude Killy.


Photo of Peggy Gail Fleming


Photo of Jean-Claude Killy

Most impressive scener was alpine ski race.

A cameraman was skiing with a high speed (he did not a ski pole) behind players.

Pierre Ballou and Nicole click Loisir were singing the insert song.

It seems Claude’s work was influenced by Kon Ichikawa supervision work “Tokyo Olympiad.

This is “13 Jours en France”(白い恋人たち).



Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(3)


Photo by Official website

I will again post a summary of this concert.

This concert is selected 17 movies from some famous works of Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai.

Each of highlight scene of 17 works has been re-edited by omnibus form.

Their work was reborn in a new film work.

New film will be screened at a giant screen with live orchestral performance by about 60 people.

Please refer to the Films list.Go here

“A Man and a Woman” has been digitally remastered at 50 Anniversary.

Here is a trailer of new “A Man and a Woman”.