Ozzie Cadena(3)

After leaving Savoy, Cadena worked for other labels, including Prestige, Blue Note, and Fantasy Records.

At Prestige he produced soul jazz and other records by artists including Red Holloway, Jack McDuff and Shirley Scott.

In 1974 he moved to Hermosa Beach in Southern California.

In 2000 he began organizing free concerts on the plaza in Hermosa Beach every Wednesday.

He died April 9, 2008.

Jazz writer Don Heckman said : “He obviously had an impact via his production work for Savoy. . . . But his biggest contribution was the love and support of jazz that impacted everyone who knew or had any contact with him.”

I found the lovely article of Gloria Cadena who was Mr.Ozzie’s widow.Go here

From 1991 the Savoy library is primarily controlled by Nippon Columbia.

However his achievements have not been evaluated in Japan.

Here is Red Holloway – Moonlight in Vermont : The Burner (1963)

Here is Shirley Scott with Stanley Turrentine – Secret Love (1963)



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