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Legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder died at 91.

He began recording in a room in parents’ house in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Recently I read an interest interview.

Thanks Steven Cerra.

Kenny Clarke and Rudy Van Gelder were a good friend at that time.

I will quote a portion of  terrific blog.

Rudy: It was. That’s right. Of course, the house was built, they built that, It was my father and mother, my parents, built that at the time, as their home. But, they were aware of my interest in the sound, and we had a little control room built right off the living room. This little glass window, overlooking the living room, with a small control room. And it’s nice…

Ben: And there was a place in the living room where you’d always put the drum kit, and …

Rudy: Most of it. Yeah. There was nothing rigid about it. But I remember this one place where I sent Kenny Clarke. Kenny Clarke would always go in that corner. We used to call it “Klook’s Corner.” That’s where he would always set up the drums.

Ben: There’s a song called “Klook’s Corner.”

Rudy: That’s right. That’s how it came about. Right.

Ben: Because he liked it there.

Rudy: That’s right. We got a good sound. It was a good size room, actually. Not huge, but acoustically it sounded nice. Had a nice-sounding room.

Rudy was also responsible for recording of Savoy Records.

Ozzie Cadena talks Rudy Van Gelder on May 26, 2001.


I found a good news about Savoy records. Go here




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