Kyosen Ohashi (大橋巨泉)

Kyosen Ohashi (大橋巨泉) has died. He was 82.

He was one of Japan’s most popular TV personalities from mid-1960s to 1990s.

Also he was famous as a jazz critic.

He entered Waseda University in 1952 to study journalism but quit the university and became a jazz critic.

He had two children, born to his former wife, both of whom are jazz singers.

There remains a translation of “Strange Fruit” as his achievements.

His fondness for Billie Holiday was exceptional.

I quote his comment from Swing Journal(1960) for her last recordings.



”I don’t want to grade her sad posthumous work.

I once loved her.

In those days she was incomparable singer.

So I want to dedicate white gardenia flowers in silence.”



出典 スイングジャーナル 1960年

Here is Billie Holiday – I’ll Never Smile Again



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