Yosuke Yamashita interview on radio in Osaka(2)


Why woke up to modern jazz ?

In those days they had been a part time job in a dance party at university and college in Tokyo.

One day in intermission he was listening to the piano performance of other band.

The pianist was playing modern jazz.

He found something in modern jazz not having his performance.

There was a special improvisation in modern jazz.

Unfortunately he could not play such as improvisation at that time.

Eventually he noticed that it was blues of 12 bar.

Suddenly, he exclaimed in a loud voice, “Oh, That’s a blues”.

He was impressed some complex chords and phrasing on simple blues tune.

Jazz Musicians Play At Open Door

 Charles Mingus , Roy Haynes,  Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker (Photo by Bob Parent/Getty Images)

He began playing modern jazz and studied the chord progression of ‘Bird’.

Also he had copied many piano records by his ear.

He thoroughly imitated the piano style of Hampton Haws.

When he was Azabu high school,he made his debut cabaret and dance hall as professional pianist.

Here is Hampton Hawes – I Got Rhythm (1955)



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