Yosuke Yamashita interview on radio in Osaka(3)

When Yosuke Yamashita was high school,he decided to become a musician.

He hoped to enroll at Kunitachi College of Music.

Please refer to Kunitachi College of Music.Go here

However he could not read the musical at that time.

Unfortunately he failed his college entrance exams for the second time.

In other words he was working as a professional jazz pianist without reading music score.

He was enrolled at the department of composer at the time of the 20-year-old.

In 1965, Jazz Live house was born in Tokyo.

Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”  and Shinjuku “Pit-inn”.

“Pit-inn” has been held a live performance every day even now.Go here

Fortunately Yosuke Yamashita joined Sadao’s session in Pit-inn.


Sadao and Pit-inn’s owner Yoshitake Sato(佐藤良武)

Below, I supplement with my research.

In 1965 on November 15, Sadao Watanabe was returning from the United States.

Next day , Masahiko Sato trio was playing in Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”.

Sadao Watanabe took part in Sato’s trio without submitting his entry beforehand.

Sadao gave a shock to all the audience in “Jazz Gallery 8”.


Yosuke Yamashita also was in Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”.

Sadao watanabe wanted to instruct New Jazz theory to many Japanese musicians.

So he had called out to young musicians with his session in Tokyo.

This is Yosuke Yamashita(山下洋輔) plays Bud Powell



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